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Looking back on October…



To my own, and only pleasure, it is this time of the month again!

I know, I missed a couple of months, and I am sorry for that. Not that anybody has complained about my lack of assiduity, but I must have missed a couple brand new flags, and now, it would require way too much work to find out which ones.

The past being the past, let’s all move on to November, and celebrate October’s new flag addition… Drumroll please!


Welcome to The Cove, Bermuda!!


For those of you Lovelies who are new to The Cove, I have a strange (but endearing, admit it) obsession with flags. I collect them, instead of worrying uselessly over stats, and I have a wishlist of countries and territories, I hope will soon leave their mark on my World map. (Among which, Greenland, Guyana, Greenland, French Guyana, Greenland, Suriname and Greenland!)

So here are a few fun and/or interesting facts about Bermuda, to welcome it properly!


The islands of Bermuda are named after Juan de Bermúdez who claimed the islands for Spain in 1503, though he never actually landed there.

Some people have all the luck! I went to Denmark three times already, why can’t I claim it??


 The expression “Bermuda shorts” for knee-length shorts was first recorded in 1953.

Everybody knows what “bermuda shorts” are… But now, you can wow your family and friends by telling them when they were first referred to as such! (you can thank me later)


The Bermuda Triangle, allegedly an area in the Atlantic of unexplained disasters or disappearances, was first mentioned in 1964.

A classic. I don’t have much to say about the Bermuda Triangle… It was just a must.


Bermuda has more golf courses per person than any other country.

This one’s for you, Danny! Forget Disney… Bermuda is for you!!


Bermuda has the only national flag that displays a sinking ship. It represents the 1609 sinking of Sea Venture, which led to the British settlement there.

You have to give it to Bermuda, they have a creative flag! So many countries settled for a couple of stripes… A sinking ship is special. Personally, I would have forgotten the Union Jack, to fill the whole flag with one of a kind designs… But I was not invited to the brainstorm meeting.


The wildlife in Bermuda includes the tiny, whistling tree frog which is heard singing at night.

I did some research on that one… Because I figured someone would ask what these frogs sounded like…. And here it is;


There is no public water system on Bermuda, as the island has no natural source of freshwater. Bermudians have to rely on rainfall to fill up their water tanks, greatly helped by the shape of their limestone roofs.

Every family uses the filtered rain water collected by special gutters. If people run out of water, they have to order a truckload of water. That must be pretty special.


There are no restaurant franchises on Bermuda. No McDonald’s, no Subway, no Pizza Hut. Because all restaurants must be Bermudian-owned, you’ll find none of the usual suspects on the island, except for one single KFC, owned by a Bermudian.

Now I think that’s cool. To me, traveling is about discoveries, about experiences. If you rely on Subway or McDonald’s to feed you… Stay out of Bermuda, obviously! Unless you are ready to eat KFC your whole trip through.


Bermuda’s sand is pink. Pink!! This pretty hue is due to crushed fragments of shells and invertebrates and makes for the most gorgeous beaches.

For you girly girls…



So that’s about it… I hope you learned a thing or two about Bermuda!



Websites used for my fun facts;


14 thoughts on “Looking back on October…

  1. Interesting to read about Bermuda, Cyranny 🙂
    About water; I have been living in two rural houses here in Spain, where it was also necessary to order a truck load of water sometimes. I didn’t have electricity either, only when I turned on a generator, which was expensive in use.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think living like that makes us realize how priviledged we are when we have water running without any limit, and electricity 24h/7.

      After reading your comment, it reminded me of my time living in Africa. We had on & off electricity, and running water, but it was not drinkable. I think it shows how the meaning of “needs” is relative… 🙂 Thank you for sharing your life piece 🙂 xx


    1. Missed you too little Miss Saraa 🙂

      This flag adventure is making me realize how every country, even the ones we rarely hear about in the news, have little treasures to offer… I am so glad you enjoyed your read!

      I hope you’re doing well!! Have a great week xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I could still think like you… But Danny has confirmed that he has THOUSANDS of readings from that big piece of land…

      I don’t like being jealous, but… Hmmm… yeah, I’m jealous! 😛


    1. My pleasure, Catherine!! 🙂

      Your article was by far the most interesting I found to get to know Bermuda’s hidden side better… And the best looking too! I hope the people interested in this post will visit you to get the whole picture! 🙂


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