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Wanting Nothing More – Notthedane56


A simple note
a brush of courtesy
was what could make
her day
a small intention
someone who met
her gaze
stopping, to pick up
something that she’d dropped
a text message
naming her, asking her,

Nothing less than dancing
in the moonlight
a candlelit supper
exchanging glances
holding hands
the thought of something more
waiting to happen
being swept off her feet
red rose flower offerings
shopping for rings
the room, the preacher
the honeymoon
on Hawaii….

Sitting alone
waiting for the monthly check
her yearly night out
away from the TV-dinners
the empty mailbox
not even having a pet
to cry to,

Wanting nothing more
than another wonderful thought

of a something life….



This piece is the work of Notthedane56. You can find a lot more of his poetry, fiction and humor on his main site Everything in and around Denmark and on his new blog My House at the Sea.



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