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Unbreakable smile…

  They can think whatever they want. They can judge me as much as they please… Ultimately, I am the only one holding the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth about me. I built myself, I stumbled on the way… I leaned on amazing people to stand tall, and I had my…… Continue reading Unbreakable smile…

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I am a super hero!

Previously published June 20th – Re-posted for Today’s Daily Prompt: Egg     Yes I am. Just not the type that goes around wearing a tight bodysuit, and fighting vilains after work (I would, but quite frankly, I don’t have enough free time to blog and fight vilains, so… your pick!). Why the sudden revelation,…… Continue reading I am a super hero!

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Ooh Cookies! – Notthedane56

  She squealed with delight, as if Santa Claus had brought her a blow-up Elvis again this year! It was a darn shame that her ex-boyfriend was the jealous type, stabbing him with his pointy wit, watching as he sailed out of the window to points unknown! “Another night alone”, she thought, and wondered how…… Continue reading Ooh Cookies! – Notthedane56

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Where’s my bikini??

The last couple of days, I’ve been wearing my official Autumn coat. Not quite as warm as my Winter coat, but definately more comfortable than my late Summer one…  Mother Nature has decided to pull the plug on all the nice weather we were allowed, in September and October. No more sun, no more warmth.…… Continue reading Where’s my bikini??

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Invading My Thoughts – Notthedane56

  Now that you are here residing in my thoughts I’ve come to a decision one that is final, once and for all Everywhere I turn I feel, as if you are watching me, Not a day goes by without thinking knowing that somewhere when I least expect it away in the farthest reaches of…… Continue reading Invading My Thoughts – Notthedane56