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Where’s my bikini??

The last couple of days, I’ve been wearing my official Autumn coat. Not quite as warm as my Winter coat, but definately more comfortable than my late Summer one…  Mother Nature has decided to pull the plug on all the nice weather we were allowed, in September and October.

No more sun, no more warmth. Which is ok, because, well, you know, it is Fall.

This morning, I was getting ready for work when Chéri called out to me, from the living room. He was questionning my choice of clothes. I thought jeans, a t-shirt and a knitted vest was a fine way to dress, especially since I will be working alone most of the day. No need to prep for a catwalk, right?

Chéri handed his tablet to me, and I finally understood what he really meant!


Nevermind Chéri’s very successful career as a famous Criminal Case investigator… Impressive, I know, but not as much as Google’s Alert!


Wow! I sure didn’t expect that!

I called Booh Boss, and faked a sudden tummy ache to get my day off! Come on! Even with a little rain, this calls for an afternoon at the beach!

I’m sorry I didn’t learn about this heat wave sooner. I would have arranged a big party and invited everybody, but I know it is a bit short notice now. I’ll make sure to take pictures to share the fun!


20 thoughts on “Where’s my bikini??

  1. Enjoy the beach, Cyranny! I will definitely trade weather with you. It is freakishly warm and muggy here in Dallas today — near 90 degrees (32 C). I am yearning for some actual autumn weather. I should not be wearing shorts and a T-shirt in November! Especially with MY legs. I have been informed by the city that they constitute a public nuisance and a danger to shipping and to please cover them up or face a citation.

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    1. Biff Sock Pow ( 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) you always make me giggle! It seems our legs come from the same place… I’ve had threats too! I was told that their spooky whiteness was too zombie-like to be displayed in public…

      As for the weather, it was a joke 😉 Here, we usually use Celcius for the weather, and 50 degrees would have been a hellish day to spend outside, even in a bikini 😛 I figured afterwards that Google meant in Farenheits…. 10 Celsius. I’ll go to work, after all Mouhahahahahaah

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      1. Thanks for the clarification, Cyranny. 🙂 And you’re quite right, 50 C would be unbearable! Although, one time I was testing some equipment and I had to get into a walk-in temperature chamber to take some measurements and we were testing the equipment at 70 C (158 F). It was toasty, to say the least! If I’d had one of those turkey thermometers stuck in my back, it probably would have popped out after about ten minutes in there!

        Good thing I was in my 20s at the time. That would probably kill me today. Luckily I was a lot stupider back then and didn’t think about things like that.


    1. Same here… The weather being so prompt to change at all times, it is a constant subject and the most common small talk…

      Glad you’re having nice one though… It always helps to have a nicer day!! 🙂

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