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Go for a Ride? – Notthedane56

  She gestured to me “Wouldn’t you like to go for a ride?” In back of her was a large balloon, “No way”, I said. “That is just thin material, not very strong filled with hot air, rising up  to heights better left to the birds, looking down on everything and everyone, not much use…… Continue reading Go for a Ride? – Notthedane56

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After Eight Moments…

Yes, I am 39. And I now have soft lips that taste like a sweet cupcake… Being mature doesn’t top that!       If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

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Via Today’s Daily Prompt; One-Way   So many live, fingers clutched to the handbrake…   Wondering wether to turn to the left or turn to the right?   Afraid to run out of fuel along the way, sparing themselves today, dreaming of wild adventures to come, just around the corner, nothing except thrilling fun…  …… Continue reading One-way…

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It Was Nothing, You See – Notthedane56

  I chanced upon a letter of sorts tossed carelessly in a random pile not any particular reason to be of importance, just It was from someone I used to know, someone who used to write me, sealed with wax ruby red, with a scent of with her name adorning her long strokes, running not…… Continue reading It Was Nothing, You See – Notthedane56

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A Sneeze Away From Chili.

  “¡Achís!” He had been a bit under the weather lately… “¡Achís!” again, coming from the other room, as I was finishing the booking of my little surprise for him. “Oh dear, I told you we’d end up paying for skinny dipping in Iceland!” thinking a bathing suit would probably not have made much of…… Continue reading A Sneeze Away From Chili.