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A Sneeze Away From Chili.




He had been a bit under the weather lately… “¡Achís!” again, coming from the other room, as I was finishing the booking of my little surprise for him.

“Oh dear, I told you we’d end up paying for skinny dipping in Iceland!” thinking a bathing suit would probably not have made much of a difference, but we’d never know now, would we?

He was lying there, both resting on the sofa, and trying to make me believe he was doing just fine. But I was not easily duped. His red, runny nose, and mild fever told me otherwise.

To me, he was like an open book. A photo album, perhaps, of our past and future travels. Today, the footnotes were as clear as Tibet’s spring water! With his alpaga wool blanket around his shoulders and his constant sneezing in Spanish, I knew just what he needed…

“Chili, my darling… Hot, comforting Chili just for you! What do you say??”

His gaze brightened right away!

“Chili? Really? The meal, or the country?”

I joined him on the couch, cuddling in his arms. Wondering if his embrace was this warm just because of his illness, or if he was having the hots for me? I waved the brochures under his nose, and I could tell he could already smell the spicy adventures ahead of us!

“Both… If you’d like it, that is! I’ve arranged everything. The bags are already in the car, I packed up while you were napping!”

It was quite a roadtrip to attempt, but he had been talking about driving along the Andes Cordillera in his sleep. Or was it just the fever? I guess we’d never know for sure.

“But what about…”

“Mr Bean?” – I interrupted, tracing the edge of his jawbone with the tip of my finger, visualizing the narrow dangerous roads we’d have to follow. “He already has his sunglasses on! We were just waiting for you!”

“Gau gau!” confirmed the dog, wobbling his way to the front door. He was a silly dog, and running wasn’t his forté, nor was anything that implied any form of coordination. But he was loyal and playful, and it all made up for his natural clumsiness!

“You’re clumsy too, my dear… We say Chile, not Chili. The country, of course!”

In English, maybe, but not in French, I pointed out. What good would it have been, talking about Chile, when there is no such dish?? My imagination had its limits, after all! What would I have been cooking all afternoon, if I had planned this trip to end up in Chile, anyway?

To make my point, I got up from the couch, and trotted to the kitchen to get him a steamy bowl of my best not-Chile-but-Chili. Sitting on his lap, leaning slightly against his chest, I fed him a couple of spoonfulls of hot spicy beans, but not before blowing my best traveling intentions on it first, so he wouldn’t get burned.

In no time, we were hopping in the car, and I insisted on taking the first turn behind the wheel. “Gau gau!” started Mr Bean again… I shushed him as I turned on the engine.

After a few blocks, I could sense they were both getting nervous. Mr Bean, who wanted to be loyal and warn his poor master… Man’s best friend, you know? But a few hard looks through the mirror kept him silent, nonetheless.

He was getting anxious too… Probably noticing that we weren’t heading for the highway!

“Where exactly are we going, honeybun?” his voice was shaky.

I hit the lock button, just to be sure he wouldn’t jump out of the car. It wouldn’t have been the first time! Stretching my arm to rub the back of his neck in the most comforting way, I noticed how stiff he was. He knew…

“I got you an appointment at the doctor’s…”

The trouble a girl has to go through just to take care of her better half, right ladies?


I wrote this, following an invitation of Notthedane56 who has been writing a series of these fantasy travel stories… It is a lot of fun trying to play in his parallel universe, even if I don’t have an imagination comparable to his…  To read some of Notthedane56’s own Fantasy Travel Posts: Travel, Travel, Travel / Catch a Wave, Dude / Globes, Maps and Apps / “Today”, She Said. “We Are Traveling To” / Tangerines


9 thoughts on “A Sneeze Away From Chili.

    1. I’m doing great 🙂 A bit tired this week, it feels like a full moon week at work :S

      I am sorry to read that WordPress has been messing with your Reader… I’ve had that problem in the past too!! Glad you are back though 🙂

      These fantasy travel posts are Notthedane’s idea 🙂 He’s been writing them for some time now, and he invited me to join in to try it out and I’ve had a lot of fun with my two participations 🙂

      I hope you’re doing well too! *Big hugs* 🙂


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