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I don’t do selfies… (3)

Now guess why I don’t… And why I don’t have any Instagram account! (not true though, I have an Instagram account. I just don’t have any pictures in it…) (not true again. There are 8 pictures. 4 from Denmark, 3 that I used for my After Eight Moments, and 1 of Miss Freja… No ugly…… Continue reading I don’t do selfies… (3)

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The pretty girls…

  Always got picked last, at the school dances and in gym class… I didn’t care much, if things were as such… Until you waltzed in my life, sweet talker, bright smile. It hurt so bad that you’d not be mine, I didn’t even dared to stay in line…   Long I will, for a…… Continue reading The pretty girls…

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Not In The Mood – Notthedane56

  She was not in the mood for me not being in the mood “Moody, you are” she exclaimed “Am I just at your beck and call whenever, wherever?” I replied, which made her a bit on the moody side, not being in the same way that I was moody, I tried, to start this…… Continue reading Not In The Mood – Notthedane56

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M – Part Sixteen

  Back at my desk, I can let myself be tempted by a quick surf on Gabriel’s Facebook page. Here, it is nice because the office uses high speed internet, unlike the what-ever-barely-connecting-me-to-the-web-line I have at home. I go from one album to the next, keeping just enough attention to the oustide world to close…… Continue reading M – Part Sixteen

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M like Mom… A to Z Challenge

  I was about to make this one “M like Moi” (M like Me). The title was already writen in my draft version, though I had not started to actually write my post. And then I woke up this morning, and as I was doing my daily check up of The Internets, sipping on a…… Continue reading M like Mom… A to Z Challenge