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M like Mom… A to Z Challenge



I was about to make this one “M like Moi” (M like Me). The title was already writen in my draft version, though I had not started to actually write my post.

And then I woke up this morning, and as I was doing my daily check up of The Internets, sipping on a glass of milk, and enjoying the silence in my apartment, when something happened.

I heard some screams outside, and a kid crying. I peeked out the window, like a surricate, to see a woman and her two children, walking along the sidewalk. Her little girl standing by her side, the woman in her mid-twenties was screaming at a little boy lying face down on the ground. “GET UP! I GIVE YOU UP TO THREE….  OOOONE. TWOOOOO. THREE!”

Still yelling her lungs out, she walked angrily to the boy and picked him up holding one of his arms and one leg, lifting him up to her waist. She turned around and started walking, the little girl tagging along, obviously very nervous…

All of this happened really quickly. And left me thinking…

I have no children. I chose not to have any. There was a time, in my younger years when I would have liked to be a mother. I do have that maternal feeling inside me, and I think it is pretty strong. I love children, and kids like me. But somewhere along the road of life, I just figured I couldn’t burden a little one with the world we now live in.

I don’t think people shouldn’t have children. I admire people who become parents, and how they devote their lives to bring up the new generation… But I just can’t do it.

I have a great Mom. A really top notch one! She’s always been loving and caring, giving her time without counting. The kind of Mom that never lost her patience with either me or my little bro (high five for that, Mom! He was quite a challenge back then!). The kind of Mom that raised us with strict rules, but never using yelling or hitting to get us to follow them. I know I was lucky. I still am… On the edge of turning forty, she still goes out of her way for us, and sometimes I feel like telling her she can rest now. That we have grown up, and can take care of ourselves. But I don’t, because her caring is just natural, and I know it comes from the heart.

When I see situations like this morning, I feel appaled and sorry at the same time. I wonder if I should do something, knowing it isn’t right to treat a child this way. But I recognize that I don’t know anything about this woman’s life, and how her day went so far. And in the end, I always hear this little voice in my head saying what I’ve been told by many mothers… “You don’t have kids, do you? You don’t know what it’s like!”


Sometimes, I’d like to answer that I don’t own a gun, but I know it’s not right to shoot people with one…  But I know the moms out there are right. I’ll never know what it is to be a Mom. Period. No arguing about that.

What I know, is what it is to have an awesome Mom!

And for that, I am very grateful. Because being a good Mom is not a given.


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