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Because you never dared to hit me, doesn’t mean you didn’t skilfully hurt me. Quite clever, I must admit… Not having a bruise to show off, to prove you were deliberately crushing my heart. Words adroitly picked, well aware of all my weaknesses. Words used to confuse, to disappoint. Words used to wave hope under…… Continue reading Never.

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Night Owls – Notthedane56

  Night owls late, never going to bed sleepers denying themselves the ability to dream I never understood, what keeps them up while I am hitting the hay lost in my eyes, my closed sign hanging on the door, no lights turned on, no TV to watch, Night owls who whoing at the moon eclipsing…… Continue reading Night Owls – Notthedane56

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Traveling Memories – Lost

  I woke up brutally to his yelling from the bathroom. “Someone broke in during the night!” he screamed, his hands flapping in the air, as if he was trying to express his distress with semaphore. Who still knows semaphore anyway, I meant to ask him, but I didn’t think that would be of any…… Continue reading Traveling Memories – Lost