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Because you never dared to hit me, doesn’t mean you didn’t skilfully hurt me. Quite clever, I must admit… Not having a bruise to show off, to prove you were deliberately crushing my heart. Words adroitly picked, well aware of all my weaknesses. Words used to confuse, to disappoint. Words used to wave hope under my nose before taking it back, laughing wholeheartedly at my silly naive self.

But, my dear, there’s one thing you’ll never get… No matter how many nights I might weep alone in the darkness of my room, you’ll never see a tear running down my cheek.



#NovemberNotes2017 – Words as Weapons * Birdy


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring EulogiesRosema from A Reading Writer and Máh from Writing is my Pensieve.❤


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