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P like pube… A to Z Challenge



I am not disdainful. It is a feeling I very rarely feel. I think three of the only things that make me gag, are

  • Blood vessels and everything that has to do with the vascular system (I’m ok with blood, as long as it is not my own!)
  • Aquamation. One word: Yuck!! I will not explain this, Google it, if you are curious…
  • The smell of a certain meal, one of the office’s security guards seems to fancy. A LOT. He is of Haitian descent,  and I am guessing it is a fish dish, but I just can’t put my finger on that smell (ohhh and I wouldn’t put a finger on the food itself either)… I’ve smelt weird scents in my life, but that one, my brain just can’t process…

No. Pubic hairs aren’t on my official list of gross things. I don’t mind them as long as they remain where they are supposed to be. So, where is this post going, you might wonder?

We’ll get there.

A couple of years back, Chéri invited his best friend to our apartment for the weekend. I am not a big fan of having people over, but it was his BFF, and we do have a guest room… So I said “yes, sure, you can have him sleep over!”

Everything was going just lovely, and the three of us had a great time. Until it happened.



One of the only “girly” things I really am into is everything that has to do with enjoying a good long steamy bath. I have an impressive collection of soaps both in bars and bottles, bath salts, melting beads, bubble baths and essential oils in a wide range of scents…

Relaxing in the bath is an art I totally master.

That night, bath time turned into a nightmare. (Ok, barely dramatizing here). I was getting ready to enjoy myself while the boys were most certainly listening to music and chatting in the living room.

That’s when I spotted it. On one of my favorite, most expensive lavender bars… Stuck in the now dried up soap… Sitting proudly, all black and curly! An infamous pubic hair!! Did I hear “Yuck!” in the back of the room? Yuck indeed!

I felt betrayed… I had opened my door to this supposedly friend… I was feeding him, had provided him with all the washcloth/towels needed to enjoy great bath-time… And that’s how I was rewarded for being such a lovely host???

I considered (VERY) briefly peeling the whole soap bar, to keep the rest of it, but I was too traumatized. I couldn’t erase the image of my dear lavender bar being rubbed places I didn’t dare to name…

I repressed a shriek.

knew there was a reason why I wasn’t comfortable letting people into my home…

Pubes on my soap. Ughhh!

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