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Balancing Between – Notthedane56

  Balancing between what I want to do and what I have to do never an easy choice never an easy life, Balancing when I’ve lost my balance thinking of you, more than I should throwing off my equilibrium, making me think things things about you, Steadying my head leaning back to the other side…… Continue reading Balancing Between – Notthedane56

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The End?

Hiding behind a painted smile, wondering… Letting days go by, and silently weighing in the pain. Is it really worthwhile? She doesn’t want to hear the answer, this voice within screaming words cutting deeper in her soul than the sharpest knives. Pretty dress, fancy shoes, perfect make up… Studied camouflage making her look like a…… Continue reading The End?

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Deconstructing – Notthedane56

  Deconstructing my plans, being otherwise meticulously laid out thus showing me the futility of planning things such My thoughts my patterns of thinking along known pathways, running steel rails, cool and straight smashed coins derailing, how and why, I chose to think of someone at that moment in time, Ideal thoughts exist not, though…… Continue reading Deconstructing – Notthedane56