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What would I do?

  We know, don’t we? I and you, you and me, just how complicated this life can be…   It is easy to say no, so very easy to give in, the real challenge is this thin line just in between…   Two tight-rope walkers, and from the distance, no one could really tell if we’re dancing…… Continue reading What would I do?

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My nest…

Via today’s Daily Post: Nest   As I close my eyes, head throbbing, thoughts running, weighing the pain in others’ lives, comparing, knowing there is nothing worth complaining about…   Just press your warm palms on my temples, until I drift away, and let me nestle, where everything is peaceful and silent.   For a…… Continue reading My nest…

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Letter to my patients – Let me be your voice project

Some of you might remember my attempt at creating the Let me be your voice project. I just want to give bloggers a chance to speak their mind about subjects they felt a little too sensitive to post on their own blog, but important enough to be shared. This post is a great example of words…… Continue reading Letter to my patients – Let me be your voice project