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Can we wait until Halloween is over… Please?



Come on! October 30th.

Too early.

No! No “but”…

9 thoughts on “Can we wait until Halloween is over… Please?

      1. not really. The kids have had fun with it in the past, and my youngest went out with some friends last night to do whatever they do, but it all seems a cherry-picked and unrecognisably deformed version of European traditions …

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      2. sadly true. Aussies typically aren’t fans but it is growing in popularity. I live in a small town that has an unusually large American population so it tends to be uncharacteristically popular here.

        I’d reckon there many other things we could celebrate on October 31 – even as a semi-non-religious person, Luther nailing his grievances to the church door is pretty significant (arguably what precipitated the birth of protestantism). Or perhaps more specific to Aussies the last successful cavalry charge in history done by the Australian Light Horse in the WW1 battle of Beersheba.

        anyway … 🙂

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      3. As long as there are people still looking beyond the mercantile front of different celebration, I think we can say there is still hope that traditions won’t die for good….

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, it is always interesting to read your point of view 🙂


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