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Wit loss…

No… I am not trying to get thinner. I mean, I sure wouldn’t mind a slimmer waistline, and more graceful legs, but it would be pointless. I am not trying to impress anybody, and my job doesn’t require me to be fit.

Thank God!

But it seems like I’ve been suffering from wit loss lately. I couldn’t say how long ago it started, but the results are there, and I am pretty disappointed with my brains at the moment.

I read posts from many of your blogs these days… Some that make me laugh heartedly, some that make me question myself, and some that take me on journeys with their colorful writing… I remember when I used to do that. Not that I would claim that I was particularly good at it, but I used to think I had a good idea every once in a while.

And now, I sit with the keyboard on my lap, and all that seem to be flowing is..Β Bla bla bla *boring* bla bla bla *boring* Bla *boring* bla *boring* bla….

So, I just wanted to stop by, and appologize for the poor entertainment lately. I know I don’t owe anybody anything in this blogging business, but I feel bad anyway.

I guess I’m just scared. Scared I might have lost my “touch”…



11 thoughts on “Wit loss…

    1. Thanks for the kind words… You know how much I love your work, and how special you and the Viking are to me!

      I was just very annoyed with myself, having story plots in my head, but totally unable to write them down. I had scrapped I don’t know how many drafts this week, and was a bit (totally) tired of making short posts because I couldn’t do any better….

      And then, after reading the comments to this post… “Bang!” one of my stories started coming out!

      Consider your support part of the reasons why the next post exists πŸ˜‰ Thank you πŸ™‚ xx

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  1. Cyranny, my dear Cyranny.
    Don’t worry yourself you haven’t lost your wit.
    You are still as entertaining and enthusiastic as always. You’re just feeling like you’re in a slump.
    It happens to us all.
    Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Your blog is as good as always.

    You know that if you ever want to bounce ideas of someone you know I’ll happily help. You know where I am.
    May even help you with some “inspiration” if you ask nicely πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hey there, Giant!

      Thank you for your nice message, and offer πŸ˜‰ I will write to you later, I do own you some news, it’s been a while… But as I told Mrs Completely, just after reading your kind messages, I mysteriously unblocked, and came up with part 1 of a 2 parts story. I just had to let it out right away…

      Sending you a big hug… I hope you’re sleeping tonight, hehehehe xx


  2. nope. Can’t lose the “touch” cause it doesn’t exist sweetie. You are a brilliant writer. I think your heart was captured recently by the vikings and it is just too hard to think of anything else for a while.

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    1. Dear Madame Suze…

      I think you are right about my thoughts not all being back from Vikingland yet… And it was just so fecking frustrating having plots in my head and not being able to write them down…

      Thank you for the kind words… Murphy’s laws worked, as usual, and as soon as I read your comments, I got back to writing, as if nothing had happened… I should rant more often. LOL

      Consider your good words part of the reason why I got back to the keyboard for a long post… And again… Thank you!! Muaaahhh!


    1. I was stuck in a dead end for a while…. I waited a while before ranting about it, and of course, right after I received your good words, I got some of my drive back.

      If you people hadn’t been so nice with your comments, I would have just erased the post LOL

      Have a great evening dear Lady xx

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