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You can win too…

You probably all know about Jean de La Fontaine’s tale “The hare & the turtoise”…

Today, I came across this video, that first made me smile…



It was just cute. And then, it reminded me of all the times I read on other blogs, writers that can’t beleive they could achieve their writing goals. Not today, not tomorrow, and not in a reasonable future…

I know the feeling, I often told myself the same thing. I’m not good enough… I don’t have enough time……

Why bother to try, if it is to fail in the end, right?

There are always people who write more easily and faster than us. And people whose imagination is bubblier than ours. But all of that doesn’t matter, if you are a true turtoise.

It is not easy. I know about that. I have my own hopes, and not everything works the way I want it to, at the pace I want it to work and go forward…  Sometimes, my hard work seems to go to waste.

But if you set reasonable goals, and keep your eyes on them, you will surprise yourself!

This is my 1487th post since I started the Cove. I have published other bloggers’ stories, and reblogged a couple of posts… Let’s say I created 1400 of them. Not all good ones either, I give you that… So let’s say that 80% of my posts were mostly shenanigans…

I would still have about 280 good posts.

Which is a lot, at least to me it is…

So what are you waiting for? Just give yourself an easy plan to follow, and follow it! Because if you keep working, you’ll get somewhere, sometime. If you get scared and decide not to give your dreams a try, the only thing you’ll know for sure, is that they’ll remain dreams.



5 thoughts on “You can win too…

  1. I saw this video sometimes ago and shared on my Facebook wall. And now this with this inspiring narrative. It’s so true that we never know how far we can go until we get started. And slow and steady wins the race might be a classic cliche but so true. 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I think we often forget (I know I do) that even if we don’t achieve exactly what we aimed for, if we work hard for it, we’ll get somewhere anyway… 🙂

      Thanks again for the kind words! xx

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    1. Thanks Colin 🙂

      I disagree, I think you can totally fail only if you don’t try…. As the saying goes, if you shoot for the moon, and miss it, you’ll still end up among the stars… 😉

      You have what it takes, just give yourself time…. 🙂 xx


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