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Four in the morning…



It is four in the morning, the end of August(er)
I’m just writing, you know… Just to see if you’re better.

I am not.

28 thoughts on “Four in the morning…

    1. Hello Lovely Stella… I was a bit down when I posted this. Bad mix of late night hours (it was indeed 4am when I posted) and listening to melancholy-inducing music in the dark. But I am all good. No worries 🙂 I hope you are having a nice week! Only one day left before the weekend! Jubi!! xx


    1. Dear Kristian, I am sorry that you had to read this and catch this morning mishap :S I didn’t want to worry you… Just a temporary moment of melancholy that needed to come out some way. I am all good and running (nah, I am actually sitting down 😛 ) I hope your week is going well! Thanks again for this morning!! xx

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      1. Well, as a natural born worrier myself, I know sometimes it bring it load of stressful moments, but caring for others is not a given these days, and I appreciate it! xx

        (Oh and, I am getting a week of vacation starting tonight midnight… that sure won’t make things worst!! Yay!!)

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    1. Thank you Kristian… And sorry for taking a little longer than I expected to answer today’s comments… Yes, things are good today. Just flirted with melancholy a bit too much yesterday night and I let it spill on the net… Very nice of you to check, I really appreciate, and I hope you are doing well too! xx


      1. Ohh… is there a little sadness cloud floating around the Bloggosphere, lately… Going from blogger to blogger, darkening our skies one at a time… I hope yours has passed too, Beautiful… xx

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    1. Thank you for stopping by, Rob! It is very heart warming to see how people care enough to leave a few words… See, in times of melancholy I tend to forget that I passed the 100 readers milestone a while ago, and that what I post here “does” get read 😉 But yes, today I am good! Please forgive my late response… I hope you are well too! xx

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    1. Oh dear Rhapsody, just knowing that you are going through dark days would have been enough of a motivation to get me back on the lighter side of things… I am sorry, and yes, I join my light to yours! May it warm you a little from afar! xx

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    1. Thank you Nikki… I am just over sensitive sometimes (I think you know how that is…) and I occasionally wrap myself in melancholy, which makes me sit for a while and sob like a baby. But I am all good today, especially after this wave of good thoughts… You people are just so awesome! I hope you are doing well too, Gorgeous 🙂 xx

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      1. I absolutely relate. Yup. ❤ I'm glad you are feeling better. I've got say though, I think a good cry can help a lot. So I'm a supporter of the sob like a baby thing. It's a release and that's always healthy. ❤ xoxo


    1. Thank you, Gorgeous… I’m having about a week off from work starting at midnight… Meaning more free time, I’ll drop you a note, but no worries, I’m all good now 🙂 xx


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