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Just thinking…



Monarch butterflies are preparing to migrate. I have seen a few, the past couple of days, flying around in the neighbourhood. I love monarchs. They are such beautiful, intriguing creatures. The tiny travelers have amazed me from childhood. You can see them as just a bunch of orange and black butterflies, but here are a few facts about them…

  • Monarch butterflies have a wingspan of 3 1/2 to 4 inches.
  • Most of them have a 4 to 6 weeks long life. But some live up to 7 months!
  • The monarch’s caterpillar goes through a 10 days long transformation, during which, it sheds and morphs 5 times, before spreading its vibrant butterfly wings out.
  • Every year, monarchs leave Southern Canada, fly all across the U.S. and travel all the way to Mexico, where they hibernate. They then make the trip back to reproduce, and start a new migrating cycle.


Monarch butterfly trio on Liatris ligulistylis


Now, I don’t know for you, but I find it pretty inspiring to think that such small delicate creatures are able to make it through such an incredible journey! On human scale, I am guessing it is the equivalent of walking all around the world.

Of course, I wouldn’t try that, but each time I see one of the tiny wonders flying about in my garden, I can’t help but stop and think. If a butterfly can fly from Canada to Mexico, what can achieve, if I really put my mind into it?

We often build walls between us and our goals in life, just because we presume that the obstacles on the way will be too much to deal with. We overthink, find excuses, and give up before even trying…

I won’t achieve all my goals in this life, and neither will you. But if I focus on one dream at a time, I believe will can go a long way.

Don’t you?








7 thoughts on “Just thinking…

    1. Heck, I’ve been thinking about how long it would take me to “walk” to Mexico… Seems like if I was motivated enough, I could make it in about 75 days, so roughly two and a half months of walking twelve hours a day.

      I’d need a Cha-Cha good reason to do it, let me tell you that!!

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  1. we had a murmer of monarchs floating past the house yesterday. gorgeous little things. I wish I had their energy..can you imagine how strong those delicate wings must be to fly from freezingland to Mexico? dang!

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    1. It just blows my mind too… As a child, one fall, I found one that apparently missed the flock’s departure, and it was too cold for it to be active and able to fly… But it wasn’t quite dead. So I brought it home and kept it in my room for a couple of weeks… a little like a pet-butterfly. I was feeding him very juicy pieces of fruit and water, and let it fly loosely in my room after school until my bedtime…

      It seems incredible, right? I just was the kind of kid that wouldn’t let anything die without a fight… LOL


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