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She Loved The Way – Notthedane56

  What he did how he did it took her away from this life this existence, the stories, he told and how he told them how those people lived how those people loved, She wrapped her arms around the dream the one she longed for the one, he offered her if only he knew if…… Continue reading She Loved The Way – Notthedane56

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I wish…

  I wish I was better.   Just a tad bit better… Better friend, better sister, better daughter better lover, better colleague, better worker, better writer, better…   I wish I was there more I had the right words for those in need of them, I had solutions, I had more patience… I wish, I…… Continue reading I wish…

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Every Last Detail – Notthedane56

  Her car, her life I was just on the sidelines a grease monkey trapped in a cage, waiting for her to toss me a banana, She chose instead to toss me her keys “Fix it” she said “Wash and wax it, do your finest work, then we’ll talk about your payment” Even a grease…… Continue reading Every Last Detail – Notthedane56