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Every Last Detail – Notthedane56



Her car, her life
I was just on the sidelines
a grease monkey trapped
in a cage, waiting for her to toss me
a banana,

She chose instead
to toss me her keys
“Fix it” she said
“Wash and wax it, do your finest work,
then we’ll talk about your payment”

Even a grease monkey knows
wants, thinks, hopes
what that payment will be
how much would she, could she

I washed and shined
the car and myself
noting the finest details
no hair, left uncombed
no scratch on my exterior
I mean its,
left unbuffed, or untended

Such sleek lines
polished and cared for
with most loving hands
I imagined her
her sleekest lines
being able to caress
the mirrors that reflected
what we did, while we…

The car shined
like the top of the Chrysler Building
My best suit, and shoes
shined as well,
Inside and out
the finest detail work
that money couldn’t buy,

The inspector
armed with only her white
handkerchief, and eagle eye
using her finest moves
checking the finish, while admiring
her own in the mirrors

Her lipstick applied correctly
she swung her hair back with just
a few strands to accentuate her finer
the sound of the engine, purring
while she, while she

She turned to me and said,
“A finer job could have been had, if you had paid more attention
to the details, and taken more care with the loving care that this
piece of joy, this vessel that could have raised you and your craft to the heights of ecstasy….”

“Now let’s see how your other abilities are”, as she eyed me, as if my entire life, or night depended on it.

She really knew how to let the air out of my tires…..



This story is the work of Notthedane56. You can find a lot more of his poetry, fiction and humor on his main site Everything in and around Denmark and on his new blog My House at the Sea



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