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Bend the rules… For chicken wings’ sake!

I understand rules, and I usually follow them.

But sometimes, rules are silly, and not following them is just common sense. At least I think so. Something happened last night, that pictures it quite well. I thought I’d share the anecdote with you Lovelies.

In Montréal, hockey is almost a religion. Our local professional team, the Canadians, are associated with many sponsors, and one of them is La Cage, a restaurant that presents sports events on large screens and offers 8 chicken wings to fans when the team scores 5 goals in the same game.

It happened this week, and we decided to eat out Saturday night to take advantage of the free-wings offer. I have a bird’s appetite, so eight wings is almost a meal for me. Free meal, yes please!

While watching the game at La Cage, we decided to take something else for dinner, and take the wings back home to nibble on them later in the evening.

I had a chicken burger and fries, and at the end of the hockey game, we ordered our chicken wings to go.

“You can’t take the free wings to go…”

Whut? I understand that there is a rule preventing people from coming to the restaurant just to get free wings to go, but I had bought a whole meal, and a beer… I didn’t see why the waitress couldn’t put our dang sixteen wings in a bag and let us go. But rules seemed to be rules, and she wouldn’t bent them for us, so we told her we’d take the wings there.

Once the wings came to the table, we ate a couple ones. I wasn’t hungry anymore, and I have a grumpy stomach that gets painfully cramped if I eat one bite too many, so I left the others in the plate.

When the waitress came back to the table with the bill, I asked to take our leftovers home.

OMG! I wish I had taken out my cell phone to film the epic eye-rolling I got. I literally heard the “oh! playing smartass aren’t you??” in her face. As if I was just playing her tricks.

I considered explaining myself. I almost told her if I had wanted to be cheap and profit from the deal, I wouldn’t have eaten a dang burger. I would have just eaten my free wings with a beer, and would have saved fifteen dollars… But I shut my mouth and took my bag of leftover wings, and went home.

Oh, did I mention the Canadians won the game ten to one while we were eating? Meaning I now have a coupon for sixteen free chicken wings… And you bet that I’ll go claim them.

I hope it will be the same woman serving my table!!


4 thoughts on “Bend the rules… For chicken wings’ sake!

    1. LOL exactly! I “know” they have this rule because they want people to sit in the restaurant and buy more food and drinks… But it just seemed sooo absurd. If I had an attitude, I would have told her not to mind, that I’d bring the leftover wings home in my hands… But I just don’t know how to be rude. 😉


    1. Well, it would have been free if I had ordered only the friggin’ wings… But I decided to take the 15$ burger and fries. I got the eye rolling for free though! I guess I should be thankful for that 😛

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