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YCMMBABPA – And the winner is…. Biff Sock Pow!


It’s been a while, and some of you might sue me for your bleeding eyes, but I just had to do it again! As you might remember, the very prestigious (though its badge is a disgrace to the Blogging Award Academy) YCMMBABP Award is offered to bloggers who take the time to post substantial comments in The Cove on a regular basis (Feel free to steal the infamous logo if you too would like to turn the spotlight on such fellow bloggers!)

It was inspired by dear Madame Suze from Suziland.

Biff Sock Pow had me at, well… “Biff Sock Pow”. I love his blogging name! (Biff, if you make this your real name… I’ll, I’ll… I don’t know yet, but I am guessing it’ll involve fainting once or twice! LOL)

Biff’s blog isn’t really worth a mention otherwise, I just love his name! Naaahhh, Biff is a brilliant blogger that always makes me laugh with his posts. We have little chit chats sessions through our comment boxes every once in a while, and I always enjoy them too!

Be it our thoughts about a total (almost) solar eclipse, or our unspoken love for erasers… Biff always takes the time to leave a long, funny reply when he hits the comment box. Short messages are always appreciated too, don’t get me wrong, but I just want to mention it when someone takes extra time to go the long run!

The Texan writer published the following post a little while back, and I totally relate to his appological (is that even a word??) note to other bloggers. We all feel like we are lacking time, and that we are failing our friends from the Bloggosphere from time to time.

I have a particular problem with bloggers like Biff (Sock Pow…. BIFF SOCK POW!!!!)… The man leaves long delicious comments in my comment box, and when I see a “like” from him, I know I am doomed! His long, hilarious messages make me want to reply with a post long comment-back, but I don’t always have time for that. And I can’t settle with just a short “Hahaha good one, Biff (SOCK POOOOOW!)”… So time passes by, I get more behind than before, and some of his comments end up unanswered to (again, is that English??)

I know this happens with other people’s messages too… And I’d like to appologize to all the brilliant comment-leavers that I haven’t had the time to get back to yet!!

Back to BSP (Biiiiiif Sock Pow, of course!!) though. I hesitated sharing the link to his blog, because that might mean that he’ll start commenting on your posts instead of mine… But that’s a risk I am now willing to take! The more readers he gets, the more chances there are that he’ll keep blogging, and that’s all that matters here!

So, enough of my blabbering for now, click here to pay Biff (I think you got it by now) a little visit. And don’t forget to tell him I say hi!

Mouaaaahhh! Biff… And again, sorry for lacking the time to honor your comments, sometimes.


Hey! You know what’s a full time job? Reading other peoples’ blogs. Man! I try to keep up. I really do. The more people I follow, the more things pop up on my “Followed Sites” stream. And I try to read them. I try to be a good follower. I am liberal (though sincere) with […]

via An Open Letter To My Fellow Bloggers — Biff Sock Pow

5 thoughts on “YCMMBABPA – And the winner is…. Biff Sock Pow!

  1. Wow, Cyranny! Thank you so very much! For once I am speechless! (So this may be a very short comment, in direct contradiction to what you wrote above). I am both honored and humbled (can one be both?). And I do understand about not having time to comment on comments … so no explanation is necessary. I am just happy knowing that you read my blog (and that you really like my name! LOL!).

    And now I’m going to go Google how to officially change my name to Biff Sock Pow. So start pricing fainting couches at IKEA! Mouaaaah!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well, you are very welcome 🙂

      I hope it will get you a couple of new readers! Most people blog mainly because they enjoy writing, but getting feedback is a great pat on the back, and I’d like to give back in some way 🙂

      I hope you’ll have a great week! xx

      P.S. let me know how the procedures are doing 😛


    1. Hehehehehe I’m sure you’ll enjoy Biff’s writing too, dear Suze! I’m surprised I beat you to his blog though…. You’re usually faster than that 😛

      I hope you’ll have a lovely week 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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