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You know you’re creepy, right?

My front neighbour(s) is (are) a bit creepy.

I’ve been living in my apartment for 6 years now, and for one thing, those neighbours produce an amazing load of trash every week.

Here in Montréal, people take their garbage out once a week and leave it on the sidewalk to be picked up. A large majority of the people put one, maybe two bags out. They always have at least seven or eight bags stalked in front of their building.

Obviously, my brains went crazy wondering what the dang they were throwing out. But that would deserve a post of its own.

About a week ago I noticed something else that is a bit strange…


Do you see it? First floor, window on the left…


(Bad) close up…

I know that’s probably just a piece of furniture giving the impression someone is staring out the window. But it still creeps me a little, especially when I walk home from work past midnight.

Come on! Don’t tell me you didn’t notice that shadow in your window, neighbour!


26 thoughts on “You know you’re creepy, right?

      1. Mouahhahahahaaha especially these days… We have a pyromaniac on the run in the neighbourhood… We need our firefighters to fight fire 🙂 Not strange neighbours LOL

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      2. We’re having a lot of vandalism in the complex. One morning last week a guy went out to his truck and all four wheels were stolen and his truck was on blocks! I know, I had to chuckle too, but I’m sure he didn’t think it was funny.😂

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      3. OMG, I couldn’t agree more… Last week, while at work, I got a call from the security guard of our building warning me there was a fire in the neighbourhood (he knew I lived nearby) From our window, I thought my apartment was on fire… I just deserted work to run home… to see the fire was 2 streets away…. But still. Worst feeling ever, or about.

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  1. FIREMAN ALERT! No, it isn’t a FIRE, it is Cyranny walking home alone at midnight! Go save her you big burly men!
    That is a creepy window…and did you notice the eyes and mouth in the lights? that’s even creepier! Those people are wierd!

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    1. Always… I am not easily scared, but I think I have a good sense of awareness when I walk alone around the city, especially at night!

      Thank you for your nice thought, Tony 🙂 xx


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