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Odds & Ends – Notthedane56



Knickknacks balls of twine
old buttons, my lint collection
the spaces between my teeth
make for whistling, or echoes of
what I forgot to brush, when I was young,

Mostly odds and ends
my drawers are filled with them
memories, light-bulbs, rubber bands
pictures of you, and me

Things that can’t won’t be discarded
what if tomorrow, I need that coin,
or that thought of you, the button
or snap to the shirt that is long gone lost,

My memories are also rather odd
the loose end here, her memory there
never wanting to remain together, or did she
does she also have such a box

A drawer that won’t open easily
too many fragments, old nails crooked
or shiny mementos that have lost their names,
rusty, or existing only as a half thing, but junk
they are not,

Odds and ends
the flotsam and jetsam of my life
Things that I cannot lose, even if I wanted to
things that I cannot toss out,
things that have a special meaning,

What if my bits and pieces
comprise the fabric that holds me together
makes me, what others see, hear,
makes me a bit more human, wanting to keep
wanting to remember something, I might have

What was her name again…..




This piece is the work of Notthedane56. You can find a lot more of his poetry, fiction and humor on his main site Everything in and around Denmark and on his new blog My House at the Sea



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