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We Were Out Walking — My House at the Sea


Hello Lovelies!

If you’ve been around The Cove for a while, you already know who Notthedane56 is. If not, here’s a perfect introduction to my dear friend’s work! This lovely walk through the world and the thoughts of the main character of the new blog, “My House at the Sea”, is one of my favorites…

So if you have a few minutes, and enjoy well penned romance, allow yourself a treat, and click on the link below.

I disabled the comments on this post, but you can tell Notthedane56 that Cyranny sent you, if you enjoy your reading, like I did!


Just. Only. We were out walking. I picked a red rose from the garden. She replied, “So sad, so beautiful”, as if I knew what she was speaking of. That what I did not know, about her. “Who were you before?” I asked her once. “Who did you love, how did he look, why aren’t […]

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