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Road trip…

Via Today’s Daily Prompt: Express


“Wanna go for a ride, Babe?” 

He knew I was dying to hit the road with him. “Where to?” Where to… It really didn’t matter, as long as I enjoyed the wind in my hair while singing along an oldie tune playing loud on the radio…

He opened the convertible’s door for me, inviting me to take a sit. The fiery red leather seats spelled “adventure” and in no time the engine was running and the tires screeching on the asphalt.

“Just don’t take Memory Lane this time…” I whispered, as much as whispering was possible with the roaring of the winds. We had this habit of getting lost in different times and places when he took a turn on it… Still riding, just not quite together, and not sharing exactly the same sceneries…

He chose a nice country road, driving us through the color changing forests. The air was crisp and fresh, and he stretched a bit to grab my hand and squeeze it softly. His large, warm, enveloping palm resting on my thigh.

I couldn’t see his eyes through his shiny shades, but his smile said it all. He let go of my hand, caressing my leg gently, as we approached the crossway. Slightly slowing down, I knew what he thought right away, as he tipped his head my way.

Scooching closer to him, I grinned as I lay my head on his shoulder, pressing my lips on the sun tanned skin of his neck…

“Oh yeah! Let’s take the Express Way today, honey! Push that pedal to the ground!”



5 thoughts on “Road trip…

    1. Thank you Linda 🙂 I am very glad you enjoyed your reading…. I also noticed a lot of people had seen “express” for its alternative meaning… Maybe my French roots led me on this different trail 😉

      Warm welcome in The Cove, I hope to see you around again soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. 😉 *wink wink* Well, let’s just say that when I don’t have the chance to travel to other countries (namely Denmark, Denmark or Denmark :P) I travel in my head anyway 😉

      Thank you very much for your visit… I hope to see you around again soon! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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