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Road trip…

Via Today’s Daily Prompt: Express   “Wanna go for a ride, Babe?”  He knew I was dying to hit the road with him. “Where to?” Where to… It really didn’t matter, as long as I enjoyed the wind in my hair while singing along an oldie tune playing loud on the radio… He opened the convertible’s…… Continue reading Road trip…

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Retaining Control – Notthedane56

  The road stretched ahead while she looked out of the window “I can almost see where we met” -said, while looking out of the rear window “Just over the last hill, and around the corner”, I said “Brrr, it’s cold” she said “you could warm me by putting your arm around me” she said,…… Continue reading Retaining Control – Notthedane56

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Wanna Go for a Ride? – Notthedane56

  There I sat on my Mercedes Hamster Low-rider Harley with four on the floor Wanna go for a ride? I called out to those too speechless to answer too awestruck to know all but her, she who raised her hand slowly all but her, I revved her up she purred like a kitten then…… Continue reading Wanna Go for a Ride? – Notthedane56

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Perfect strangers…

  Maybe we are not perfectly perfect strangers per say. Knowing just enough about each other to get disqualified. But if you feel like it, I think we should hit the highway. Go on a road trip, playing it perfect stranger style…     In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of…… Continue reading Perfect strangers…

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Too good to be fiction? (part 3)

Out of the Big Apple we were… Probably not wanting all that much to head home, we wandered a little bit in the subburbs, turnin left or right as we felt it, leaving Google’s good advices and our still brand new map on the backseat. And we got our gas money’s worth of sights as…… Continue reading Too good to be fiction? (part 3)