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I’m jealous… (I want to borrow Greenland too!)

Southern tip of Greenland… Thank you Google!


This morning, as I was catching up with the overnight activity here on WordPress, and on Facebook, I noticed that a good friend of mine had tagged me in a post.

We don’t talk on a regular basis, but I know that when she sends me something, it will be worth checking out. I wasn’t disappointed.

My friend lives in Denmark, and knows all too well about my obession about it, so she feeds me Danish fun facts every now and then.

Today the link that was waiting for me was called One Time I Got Drunk And Asked Denmark If I Could Borrow Greenland, And They Replied. If you’ve been around The Cove for a while, you’ll understand how this instantly interested me.

For those of you (and I totally understand you, I often feel like that) who don’t like to click on links in posts, here’s a resumé of Joe’s story.

This guy was partying with some friends, and started joking around about owning a country. To be honest, that doesn’t feel “that” silly to me, being exactly the kind of conversation I would have had with friends too. So Joe set his mind on Greenland, and decided to ask Denmark if he could borrow the big piece of land… You know, the kind of diplomatic stuff we all go through at times.

He wrote an email, and Denmark answered! Well, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did… And that’s just pretty awesome if you ask me! Unfortunately, Denmark couldn’t lend Greenland to Joe, but at least they were nice enough to let him know. I was not totally surprised, knowing how dang difficult it is just to get Greenland’s flag here on WordPress. Greenland is just a hard to get land!

End of story.

Now, I can hear some of you protesting that this comes from The Internets, and that it is most probably a joke. It might. But I don’t want to know!

Now I am just very disappointed in myself for not thinking about doing something like that before. Now, if I do, I’ll just look like a copycat. My fingers still itch to write to Queen Margrethe II to ask her to adopt me, or something like that.

On the other hand, I feel a lot less alone today. It always feels good to know other people think and do crazy stuff like me. Maybe I should get in touch with Joe… Or would that be dangerous?


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