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California dreams – #1MinFiction



“Oh shit!”

Who the heck could be naive enough to think she’d run away with the first guy who’d spend his last dime buying an old Westfalia, and come pick her up, the trunk full of hopes and dreams??

Fool. Pathetic fool.

She really needed to stop tweeting on lonely Saturday nights.


This is my attempt at Monday’s One-minute Fiction prompt, hosted by Lovely Curses. This week, the inspiration was the above picture. Feel free to join in by clicking on the link above!

40 thoughts on “California dreams – #1MinFiction

    1. Thank you, Colin 🙂 Yes… I came up with the story, repeated it in my head several times and finally rushed the words on the keyboard… The whole process is a lot longer than a minute. But the “writing” part has to be under 60 seconds 😉 Quite a challenge!

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      1. Hehehehehehe I still really would love going on a road trip in one of those!! I have a question…. Here, when referring to a road trip with no precise destination in mind, we say “Partir sur un nowhere”… Could a “nowhere” be the same in English?

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      2. Sure, as a figure of speech, indicating just hitting the road with no particular destination in mind. Which is my favorite kinda road trip. 😃

        I grew around a Westfalia, actually. My dad and stepmom had one for years. Two-tone, cream on top and pea green on the bottom. Drove that thing all over the south and southwest. I’d give my left something to have it now. 😃

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      3. Wouaaa… I bet you would. What an experience 🙂 I’d say “lucky you”, but I’m just glad for you!

        When I was a child, my parents always split Dad’s vacations in two… Half of the time, they spent with me and my little bro, doing all kinds of cool stuff, and the other half, they went on a nowhere. They packed a suitcase with all types of clothing, from bathing suit to warm sweaters, and headed to the airport. There, they checked the cheapest deal they could get, and took a “random” plane. We only knew where they were going when they got there… I thought (and still do) that was so cool!

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      4. That is pretty cool! When I was on walkabout (when I took a hiatus from college), I did that for a while. At that point, New Orleans was “home”, but I ended up there because of a Grateful Dead concert…and stayed. From there, it was “nowhere” travelling. Dang, makes me wish I was 19 again. 😃

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      5. 🙂 I don’t now if I’d go that far back in time, but I’d too enjoy a trip to my younger years, once in a while, to live the feeling of not having all the responsabilities… 🙂

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      6. Yeah, that would suck too. I just had a flashback to the scene in The Holy Grail where he cuts the arms and legs off the Black Knight yet he still wants to fight. It’s merely a flesh wound. 😃😃

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      7. I agree… I watch it every couple of years, thinking I might not like it as much. Nope, it doesn’t get old… Brilliant from the beginning to the very end!

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