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Perfect evening out – #1MinFiction

  The perfect little black dress. Maybe a tad too classy for the occasion, but I knew he’d like it anyway… Sipping on my cocktail, an eye discreetly staring at the entrance… It would have been the perfect evening out, had I not been waiting for about an hour when my cell phone vibrated on…… Continue reading Perfect evening out – #1MinFiction

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Nice try – #1MinFiction

  So… I’m guessing that didn’t go well? He pulled the daisies from his ripped shirt. He had not hoped for a warm reconciliation, but this was a little over the top, even for her. He had just forgotten her birthday, after all! When Peter asked if she had served him the “talk to the…… Continue reading Nice try – #1MinFiction

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The Doll – #1MinFiction

-It is absolutely perfect! Turning the doll over in her hands, she was amazed by the details. She’d had some doubts, but it was well worth the price. And the wait. The doll maker turned to her… -Do you have that lock of hair, we talked about? She handed it over the counter. -He is so…… Continue reading The Doll – #1MinFiction

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Souls & Spirits – #1MinFiction

She waved to the bartender for another beer, while she nervously typed her message… You’re not seriously ghosting me, are you??? *send* Laura knew very well she wouldn’t get a reply now… He just wouldn’t show up. Staring at the neon bar sign, she grinned anyway; “Souls & Spirits Pub”  Of course…     This is…… Continue reading Souls & Spirits – #1MinFiction

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California dreams – #1MinFiction

  “Oh shit!” Who the heck could be naive enough to think she’d run away with the first guy who’d spend his last dime buying an old Westfalia, and come pick her up, the trunk full of hopes and dreams?? Fool. Pathetic fool. She really needed to stop tweeting on lonely Saturday nights.   This…… Continue reading California dreams – #1MinFiction

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Morning stroll – #1MinFiction

  A beautiful late February morning… Sun shining bright, temperature finally above freezing point, pedestrians wearing their best early spring smile on the street… Sipping on her latté, it seemed like the perfect morning… -Shit! -What girl? Did you forget something home? -No… I’ll call you back, I just stepped in shit!     This…… Continue reading Morning stroll – #1MinFiction

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Your pick, Darling – #1MinFiction

  She was excited. After years of dodging the bullet, he’d finally come with her… What would he prefer? Drama? Comedy? A classic? There were so many plays to choose from… He sighed, already wondering why he had agreed. Your pick, Darling… I just won’t take Noh for an answer!       This is…… Continue reading Your pick, Darling – #1MinFiction

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At the Café – #1MinFiction

  What he overheard almost made him choke on his sip. ‘… I swear, he went crazy! He wants it everyday, for hours, untill I am panting and sweating from every pore! Again & again… I tell you! I’m exhausted.’ Pausing to drink… ‘But it was my resolution too. And the gym subscription has been paid…… Continue reading At the Café – #1MinFiction

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Oh no you didn’t… #1MinFiction

  Her head still pounded, but the hangover was the least of her worries… -HONEYYYYYY! You are aware I was joking, when I said you should put that sexy picture of me on your blog, right??? -But sweetheart, you’re a genius! Look at my stats – handing his tablet to her – Thanks to you, it’s a total…… Continue reading Oh no you didn’t… #1MinFiction

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Christmas morning… #1MinFiction

  To say that he’s kept his inner child well alive would have been an euphemism. The alarm clock hadn’t even rung when he rushed down, straight to the Christmas tree. I was sipping on my morning coffee with Mom and Dad in the living room when he came tumbling down the stairs… Honey, you…… Continue reading Christmas morning… #1MinFiction