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Oh no you didn’t… #1MinFiction



Her head still pounded, but the hangover was the least of her worries…

-HONEYYYYYY! You are aware I was joking, when I said you should put that sexy picture of me on your blog, right???

-But sweetheart, you’re a genius! Look at my stats – handing his tablet to her – Thanks to you, it’s a total blast off!



This is my attempt at Monday’s One-minute Fiction prompt, hosted by Lovely Curses. This week, the inspiration was “Blast off”. Feel free to join in by clicking on the link above!



19 thoughts on “Oh no you didn’t… #1MinFiction

      1. I need to try a story. Really fast for my old brain. Then sometimes I can write, but write too much, on some of the worded challenges. I get carried away with what I want to say, and blah, blah, blah😂😂💕💞

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