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Morning stroll – #1MinFiction



A beautiful late February morning… Sun shining bright, temperature finally above freezing point, pedestrians wearing their best early spring smile on the street… Sipping on her latté, it seemed like the perfect morning…


-What girl? Did you forget something home?

-No… I’ll call you back, I just stepped in shit!



This is my attempt at Monday’s One-minute Fiction prompt, hosted by Lovely Curses. This week, the inspiration was the above picture. Feel free to join in by clicking on the link above!

16 thoughts on “Morning stroll – #1MinFiction

  1. Haha 😂 A good laugh for Monday. When we were littl kids and that happened in winter, my brothers called it ‘Poo-skating.’ Funny stuff. Have a wonderful week 🙂

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  2. Hahaha! This reads like an opening scene to a romantic comedy. Like, as soon as she turns around, she’s going to walk smack into her leading man, step on his toes and smear shit all over his brand new $150 shoes!

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