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California dreams – #1MinFiction

  “Oh shit!” Who the heck could be naive enough to think she’d run away with the first guy who’d spend his last dime buying an old Westfalia, and come pick her up, the trunk full of hopes and dreams?? Fool. Pathetic fool. She really needed to stop tweeting on lonely Saturday nights.   This…… Continue reading California dreams – #1MinFiction

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Fun Challenge @ Go Dog Go Café

You know I like Go Dog Go Café… I am a guest barista (they haven’t fired me yet for messing the cool latté art in their cups) and I enjoy sharing their work. This is a fun (and short) challenge from Christine. I gave it a try… Will you? Christine is known for her writing…… Continue reading Fun Challenge @ Go Dog Go Café

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After Eight Moments…

  Gift from one of my good old friends from college years… He knew I had a very soft spot for the poets’ elixir. This brand of absinth is made in Québec. Its name, Fleur Bleue is a clever play of words both meaning blue flower, referring to the lily flower on Québec’s flag, and someone who…… Continue reading After Eight Moments…