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Lucky three…

  Montreal World Film Festival is a yearly celebration of the best cinema produced all around the planet. It is a wonderful way to discover different cultures, and the different ways to tell stories. I like movies based on real events, and both three movies I watched yesterday were. This kind of films makes me…… Continue reading Lucky three…

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Turning my brain off.

Might sound a little dark, but it really isn’t. As you might have read yesterday, today was my first day of a short vacation. I really needed to give my crazy brain from spinning, and the perfect solution was there for the taking; Montreal World Film Festival! So this morning I made myself a sandwich,…… Continue reading Turning my brain off.

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Cyranny’s International Lovelies’ Film Festival…

  I love cinema. Especially foreign cinema. (especially… yes, Danish cinema, how did you know??) Every year, I attend Montreal Film Festival. Two weeks of intense International Cinema immersion. I don’t have anything against American blockbusters, but I know that there are so many gems from all around the planet, that don’t make it to…… Continue reading Cyranny’s International Lovelies’ Film Festival…

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Montréal World Film Festival…

  I’m postponing my reviews again, because my days at the MWFF have ended pretty late yesterday and today, but I just wanted to write a few words, because I had the chance to see my all time favorite French actress tonight… I just had to see the screening of “Carole Matthieu”. The movie, about…… Continue reading Montréal World Film Festival…

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If you came to Montréal… (4)

Now, when I travel downtown, always have a thought for you, and I try to see the usual through different eyes… To catch things that I don’t notice anymore, and that can be of some interest for you… Maybe, just maybe, if I get to show you the best of Montréal, you might actually end…… Continue reading If you came to Montréal… (4)

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Micro-poésie du vendredi…

  Je me fais du cinéma… assise dans le noir, de jour comme de soir, Je profite de la pénombre pour nous mettre en scène.   Je me fais du cinéma, la main tendue sur l’acoudoir, espérant voir la tienne y choir J’oublie mes soucis, mes déceptions et mes peines.   Je me fais du…… Continue reading Micro-poésie du vendredi…

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Montreal World Film Festival (day 4)

  Day 4 of my film marathon, and today, chéri joined in for three screenings. It is always fun to have a second opinion on the movies I watch, although I also enjoy my solo adventures! I’ll make this short tonight, because I am running out of time, and I am a bit on the…… Continue reading Montreal World Film Festival (day 4)

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Montreal World Film Festival (day 3)

Third day of my dearest Festival, and I was well rested as I rode the Métro once again to see what was up today. The past years, we had several rooms where different movies, short films and documentaries were presented simultanously. For the 2016 40th edition, because of number of problems, the Festival has only…… Continue reading Montreal World Film Festival (day 3)

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Montréal World Film Festival (day 2)

  I love a good movie… Everybody does! I can’t stand boring movies, but I really enjoy falling upon a terrible put-an-end-to-my-misery movie once in a while! Those are extremely rare, and I got to watch one today!! I don’t enjoy being bored, don’t mistake me! But a mediocre movie is a challenge. I have…… Continue reading Montréal World Film Festival (day 2)


Montréal World Film Festival… (day 1)

  Yesterday was day one of Montréal’s World Film Festival… I was ready! Passport, allowing to see as many movies as physically possible (Thank you Mom!!) Lunch (all non-noise-making snacks to be respectful of fellows movie-watchers) Including sandwich for lunch, sliced peaches and green lentil curry, and a loooot of bottled water! Tablet and keyboard…… Continue reading Montréal World Film Festival… (day 1)