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Montréal World Film Festival…



I’m postponing my reviews again, because my days at the MWFF have ended pretty late yesterday and today, but I just wanted to write a few words, because I had the chance to see my all time favorite French actress tonight…

I just had to see the screening of “Carole Matthieu”. The movie, about the fight of a major call center asigned doctor for the well-being of its workers really intrigued me, having worked in several call centers during the 20 or so past years…

I did not expect to see the leading actress, even if movie’s crews often present the film before the screening.

When her presence was announced, I suddenly felt pretty excited… Isabelle Adjani!! Wow… W-O-W!! Montréal’s World Film Festival is great for that; it is so modest (when compared to other Festivals like TIFF and Cannes) that when actors or directors come to represent their new movie, the audience gets really close to the action!

Madame Adjani walked to the stage, and offered a presentation of “Carole Matthieu” and for once, I was disappointed in the audience’s reaction.

I understand that people would get starstricken. It was Isabelle Adjani. I, for one, was very impressed. The woman played (brilliantly) Camille Claudel with Gérard Depardieu (which I have watched countless times). She is one of France’s greatest actresses, and she is a beautiful woman… But she had an important message to pass on, regarding the way some major call centers work, and I have the feeling most people in the room didn’t even listen to her words, or at least enjoyed the moment.

People just kept taking pictures of her.

I was ashamed of the attitude of the so called amateurs of chefs d’oeuvres from around the globe.

I had my phone in my hands, ready to walk down the 2 or 3 rows towards the stage to get a clear shot, and take a few pictures myself, and I stopped. I took one (blurry) photo from my seat, and then I just listened.


(my only shot)


Then, Madame Adjani gracefully walked out of the theater, passing by my seat. For a brief moment, we made eye contact, exchanged smiles, and she was gone…

Tomorrow, there will be thousands of great pictures of that presentation on the Internets, even if I don’t have one in my phone. But I had a smile from her, and that for me, is priceless, even if I can’t show it to you!

Camille smiled to me…. Really… Wow!

CAMILLE CLAUDEL, from left: Isabelle Adjani as Camille Claudel, Gerard Depardieu as Auguste Rodin, 1988, © Orion

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