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Whut’s bedz?

Whut mom? Bedz? Whut bedz? Yeah, exactly. Why buy cussions, cat trees and other cat stuff full price when miss Furball can just knock down the DVDs off her favorite shelf and make herself “comfortable” next to my steel chandelier? Dang right! Now go away… You got yur picture, leave me alone!  ZzZzzzzz  ZzzZZzzz zzZZzzz….…… Continue reading Whut’s bedz?


Huset… (The House)

This week, in Montréal, Cinéma Tapis Rouge (an organisation encouraging cinematografic exchanges) is presenting a short Nordic Film Festival. Yeah… Nordic, as in Scandinavian, as in Denmark baby!! There are only a few movies presented this year, but it only makes choices easier to make! Yesterday, chéri and I left home around 10 pm to attend our…… Continue reading Huset… (The House)