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Lady in red… (2)

Previously;   Standing outside the bar, he considered his options… He could text message back, and either join her or flee back home. He could just push the door and go meet her. Or he could simply ignore the message and walk back to his house, open a beer and go about his life as…… Continue reading Lady in red… (2)

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(Almost) on path…

This morning, I am following a plane on my screen. It is over Greenland (the plane, not my screen), about an hour and a half away from Québec. The Internets are great sometimes… But I am a tad worried. I think the pilot might be tipsy or just not very good at following the planned…… Continue reading (Almost) on path…

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Is Blogging dangerous?

  Just out of bed. Bathroom pitstop. TV on. Newschannel playing. “lady Blogger brutally attacked in a park in Mount St-Bruno…” What? She must be a famous Blogger if they mention it… Or, or, was it the reason she was brutally attacked? Wow, am I doing something that might lead me to be attacked… Brutally,…… Continue reading Is Blogging dangerous?