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(Almost) on path…

This morning, I am following a plane on my screen.

It is over Greenland (the plane, not my screen), about an hour and a half away from Québec. The Internets are great sometimes…

But I am a tad worried. I think the pilot might be tipsy or just not very good at following the planned path.

This is yesterday’s plane, about halfway through the trip.


Straight on path! Almost as if the airplane followed a sky-highway. There is a gap in the green line, but it didn’t seem to affect the rest of the traveling…

And here’s today’s version of the same flight;


Ok, it seems to have gone wrong from the beginning. WAY off path from the start, going North instead of heading to the West… I would’ve thought they provided some kind of compass thingy or plane GPS, but maybe I’m wrong?

Once getting to Iceland, I think the pilot got surprised at the sight of land way before what he expected. Someone got to his senses, and back on path, which sounded like I good idea, but it didn’t last…

My mom might be on the plane, or some other Iceland-lover, who insisted after getting a glimpse of it through the round window, to go back and be allowed to take a few pictures! Or maybe there was a red dressed girl waiting to be waved at in Reykjavik too? I knew pilots were open to going a bit off track for good reasons!

After getting to Greenland, things got back to normal… But they haven’t landed yet! (Thank God!)

Yeah… Yeah… Or maybe that green line is hand drawn by someone, and it’s “bring your child to work” day at Flightstats.

“Go ahead honey… draw the green line, like daddy showed you! Not bad!”


Some people find stuff to cure diseases….  This is what I do with my brain! Sad, I know.

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