Huset… (The House)

This week, in Montréal, Cinéma Tapis Rouge (an organisation encouraging cinematografic exchanges) is presenting a short Nordic Film Festival.

Yeah… Nordic, as in Scandinavian, as in Denmark baby!!

There are only a few movies presented this year, but it only makes choices easier to make! Yesterday, chéri and I left home around 10 pm to attend our first screening; Huset (the house), a Norwegian horror movie.



All the films are presented at Cinéma du Parc. It is a small movie theater that concentrate on underground and international cinema. A place I like to go to, to see something else from the big blockbusters all year long…

Here’s a view from my seat, as we were waiting for the begining of the screening.


Huset is the story of two German soldiers and their Norwegian prisoner, lost in the winter during WWII years… The trio finds a house, in the middle of the forrest, and is happy to finally have a shelter. Not for long.

With touches of “Groundhog’s Day” and “The Exorcist”… The three characters try to survive a house haunted by a ghostly presence obviously not ready to let them leave alive.

The horror movie, meant to ressemble the style of the late seventies or eighties’ films, was very enjoyable (for wanting-to-get-a-good-chill spectators, that is). The plays with mirrors, shadows and unsaid bits and parts about the story totally worked for me. I even jumped on my seat a few times, which is pretty unusual after all the movies I have seen in the past. Even chéri noticed I had been surprised by the plot a few times…

The story is leaving a lot to interpretation, and it was refreshing to watch a horror film that didn’t display a bunch of young adults on spring break, having to deal with a was-supposed-to-be-dead serial killer!

Good actors, nice photography work, and an enjoyable suspense until the end. The only downside was the music, which wasn’t bad but WAY too loud, especially after a practically quiet scene…

I wish we could have stayed to talk to the director, Reinert Kiil, who was present. But unfortunately, we had to catch the last subway ride, and with the delay to start the movie (it was about 30 minutes late to start), we had to sneak out of the theater as soon as the credits started rolling…

Empty Place des Arts station, just before 1 O’clock…



Movie trailer… Not in English, but it doesn’t really matter…





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