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Thinking about Rhapsody…

You might know the lovely Rhapsody already… She is going through tough times, but she is a warrior, and fighting every challenge coming her way. Her recent trip to Germany took her back to her mother to help her through heavy health issues. She sure is an inspiration, and my thoughts are with her a lot these…… Continue reading Thinking about Rhapsody…


Huset… (The House)

This week, in Montréal, Cinéma Tapis Rouge (an organisation encouraging cinematografic exchanges) is presenting a short Nordic Film Festival. Yeah… Nordic, as in Scandinavian, as in Denmark baby!! There are only a few movies presented this year, but it only makes choices easier to make! Yesterday, chéri and I left home around 10 pm to attend our…… Continue reading Huset… (The House)

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Montréal World Film Festival (day 2)

  I love a good movie… Everybody does! I can’t stand boring movies, but I really enjoy falling upon a terrible put-an-end-to-my-misery movie once in a while! Those are extremely rare, and I got to watch one today!! I don’t enjoy being bored, don’t mistake me! But a mediocre movie is a challenge. I have…… Continue reading Montréal World Film Festival (day 2)