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If you came to Montréal… (4)

Now, when I travel downtown, always have a thought for you, and I try to see the usual through different eyes… To catch things that I don’t notice anymore, and that can be of some interest for you…

Maybe, just maybe, if I get to show you the best of Montréal, you might actually end up booking your seat on a flight to come over and visit…? It doesn’t cost a dime to try, and here are a few bits of tonight’s evening…

The Montréal World Film Festival isn’t over, meaning that, yes, I was at the movies again today! I will write my review tomorrow, so not much to say about that here, other then I am pretty excited about seeing, and possibly talking to Willem Dafoe after watching “My Hindu Friend”.

After two consecutive screenings, chéri and I left the theater to go restaurant hunting. It was 9 pm and having a good métro ride ahead of us, and a bit of walking, it seemed just natural to eat out.

I like Montréal by night, especially during summer. We walked along Ste-Catherine street, and here are a few shots I took, just for you…


St-James United Church… Took a few shots, but the street lighting wouldn’t allow me to have a better picture.


General shot of Ste-Catherine street… With the La Baie building, shining of a warm orange in the middle….


La Maison Olympique in the background… And a Bixi station in the front (self-use bike rental)

But our bellies were still empty, and we wondered what restaurant we’d choose to greet with our visit…

We knew our walking was done, when we came across this banner…


Five Guys is a famous burgers and fries chain in the US and Canada, but neither chéri nor me had ever tried their supposedly memorable burgers and freshly baked French fries…

A look at the restaurant…

A look at our late-supper…


Not sexy, but very tasty! Many delicious fresh toppings to choose from, very generous… Proof that it was really good, chéri couldn’t wait until I finished picture taking! If it hadn’t been the terribly loud music playing in the restaurant (I have trouble eating when my environment is too noisy), I would have given it a perfect note, for fast food urges!

So, that’s it for tonight’s mini-getaway downtown…

Until next time 🙂

3 thoughts on “If you came to Montréal… (4)

  1. Thanks for the tour! I almost made it to Montreal several years ago; however, my trip got cut short and I have never been back. We are hoping to take a Canada/New England Cruise in 2017 from Montreal to Boston.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Too bad your visit was postponed, but it is never too late to visit! Wave if you come over… I’ll give you a tour around town 😉

      And by then, there be several other posts giving you ideas about places to see and things to do!

      Thanks for visiting the Cove…. It is always good to see your pretty face around 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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