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I like your Likes!

Lovely readers,

If you’ve been commenting in the Cove in the past (ok, yeah, hard to comment in the future…),  you know that I always make sure to aknowledge your feedback… It is not strategic, I am not the “If I rub them the right way, they’ll come back” type. I genuinely appreciate every one of your visits, readings, likes and comments…

I am in a sweet place, Blogging-wise, and I am aware of it… I have enough of you readers to keep me motivated. I have a good idea of who will enjoy this or that. I hope a post will appeal to some people in particular, starting to know your tastes… But you are still small enough of a crowd for me to notice the regular faces!

As I was telling a fellow Blogger just a few days ago, I don’t get a great deal of comments yet… I don’t mind it, I just enjoy messages when they drop in my inbox 🙂 But I do recognize the regular “likers” and I wish I could say thanks for the click!

So I thought about writing this post… To thank you personally, you daily visitors who make your presence known!

This list is not in any particular order… and it is incomplete, but consider each and everyone of you personally thanked 🙂



Sarah Doughty


A Kinder Way




Tanya Cliff





Blair (The Shameful Sheep)

Mukul Chand


And all the others too… Liking is a way to say you enjoyed your stay, but it also leaves your business card on the little table near the door. And I make sure to visit all the usual faces I see in the Cove…

So thanks again, a great deal 🙂


10 thoughts on “I like your Likes!

    1. You’re welcome…. but you totally earned it 🙂 It is a bit frustrating sometimes to see a friendly face that often “likes” without being able to say thanks 🙂

      I am always happy to see you passing by 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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