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Cyranny’s quickie!



If you were absolutely sure that they would read it, who would you like to write a letter to (dead or alive)?


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11 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. That’s so lovely, Caramel… I wish I could say the same about Chéri and I, but living in the same apartment almost 24/7, our written interactions are limited to a couple of text messages, when we occasionally are apart for a coupe of hours 😛


    1. I’m really sorry for your loss Marla 😦 That must have been a very special relationship, and losing it must have left quite a gap in your life. In times where everything is going so fast, letter-writing creates unique bonds between people, or so I think.


      1. Hi!
        Yes. I tend to write old-school letters with people in my personal life. It started with that uncle after my aunt died and lasted until his death. My aunt that I post about is another one. We talk on the phone once a week and text constantly, but I also write letters to her (as I did her husband before he passed). She never writes back – she calls me to respond lol I also write letters with my ex’s adopted mother. Same with friends from high school. For someone surrounded by tech, I am fairly old school in many ways.
        And thank you. It’s always a rough loss and a gap is left. The most I can do is remember and keep going. I miss him all the time, but he’s forever with me.
        Hope you’re doing well!


    1. Very interesting choice, Anne. He would be in my top ten list too, if only to tell him how much I admire his accomplishments since the beginning of the war… What a hero, especially knowing that he wasn’t a politician prior to his election.

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