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It’s all about Trina…


This week I got a little surprise, in my mailbox.

When Chéri delivered it to my office (aka our bedroom) with a puzzled look on his face, I took a much needed break to open the precious missive.

I knew exactly where it came from, but it didn’t spoil my fun the least bit.

Monkey, Trina’s son has drawn a portrait Miss Freja, and they’ve sent it to me. I just love it!! If you know Freja just a little, you’ll notice that Monkey really captured her joie de vivre. 

Just brilliant.

But I felt a little cheap. Because Trina’s not having her best week, and really, I think things should have been the other way.

So, what usually boosts Trina’s ego, and makes her feel good? Reading about herself on other people’s blog!

Many of you already know the Fabulous Trina. But I think I was lucky enough to really connect with her on a higher level since the beginning of the pandemic through long private Skype sessions (or maybe we’re just both tired of spending all of our time with our respective boyfriends, LOL)

Trina is an amazing woman, with the craziest (in a good way) sense of humor. She is curious about all and everything, which is great because she comes up with the weirdest facts, and at the same time worrying because her Google researches might get her arrested any time.

Trina dreams about becoming Queen of the world, and I predict major changes on the world map if she ever gets there. Because her geography knowledge is rather… Hmmm… Random. But I’d still follow her on her power trip, hey! It’s Trina.

She blogs a little about her life in UK, a lot about Lego (claiming to hate the Danish block toys, but spending most of her time sorting and playing with them) and she shares a loooot of other bloggers’ work.

Every week, she hosts her Weekend Share where you can drop up to five links from your blog for her to share along the weekend.

I really feel like my dear friend needs a little extra love this week… I might be wrong (she’s the strong type, and might not admit it, even to herself) but I doubt it. If you have a few minutes, just click here and leave her a little comment to brighten her day.

Trina, Fab You, I love you! Thank you and Monkey for making my day big time with your special delivery! Muuuuuah!

P.S. Notice the ”name” on the envelope: Cyranny, Canadian Ambassador of Denmark in Montréal…. I loooooooooove it!!

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