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Just a picture…

He held the picture tenderly. It wasn’t the best he ever took, by all means. For one thing, he wished they had arrived just a little earlier in front of the great basilica. The fall’s sun setting light was so much warmer than he would have expected, that he would have loved to capture her…… Continue reading Just a picture…

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Napping – #1MinFiction

  * When he snapped out of his nap, he was surrounded by eight not very happy looking security guards. Not the best way to wake up, by all means… Are you Mr Sean Wilson? By the man’s tone of voice, Sean had the feeling he should lift his hands up, but he just nodded.…… Continue reading Napping – #1MinFiction

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Switch – Word of the Day Challenge

The Word of the Day is SWITCH Write a poem, story or anecdote inspired by this word. Please create a pingback to your post by including a link to this page in whatever you are posting. If you want to participate create a pingback to link your post. Not sure how to do that? See […]SWITCH…… Continue reading Switch – Word of the Day Challenge