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Just a picture…


He held the picture tenderly.

It wasn’t the best he ever took, by all means. For one thing, he wished they had arrived just a little earlier in front of the great basilica. The fall’s sun setting light was so much warmer than he would have expected, that he would have loved to capture her and the whole building wrapped in it. Still…

This was one of his all time favorites anyway.

She had been gorgeous throughout the years, and he had feared more than once that she would wake up one morning, realizing that she was totally out of his league. Yet she hadn’t, and he felt like he had been the luckiest guy on earth.

But on that shot, she was just stunningly beautiful to him. Going to Paris had been her ultimate dream, for as long as he could remember. Unfortunately, despite being a hard worker, he had never brought enough money back home to make it come true. They had kept their priorities for years, getting a home to raise three amazing kids. And she had spent her best years guiding them to be bright and ambitious little humans, while he worked his fingers to the bone.

And then, both his parents had died unexpectedly, only months apart. Though a pretty dark episode of his life, the tragedy had brought a significant, although not life-changing inheritance income.

He could have saved it, making their eventual retirement more comfortable. But it was a no-brainer to him. He had bought two tickets for the City of Lights in secrets.

She had cried, when he had clumsily announced that they would be flying to Paris, just a couple of days before their trip.

It had been the best journey, ever. Probably because of her constant amazement as they toured around the city. She had enjoyed every second, and he had enjoyed seeing her so completely happy.

The apotheosis of their trip had been this very moment, when they had walked in front of Notre-Dame de Paris. She was in awe. He had tried to snap a shot of her in front of the mythical building, but there was no getting her to look away from the basilica.

He wished he would have taken her there again…

What are you looking at, Sweet Pea? – peeking over his shoulder – Ohhh Honey! Yes, I love that picture too.

Maggie pushed his wheelchair towards the kitchen to get ready for dinner.

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