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When life gives you lemons…




Well, Life didn’t actually give me lemons. The company that I buy my fruit and veggies from did offer a great deal for them, though.

And Life gave me an idea (the next best thing, after lemons).

Tomorrow, we’re having a Christmas lunch at work. Which means a free meal, and probably a rather loose schedule around noon.

I’ll probably skip on the later, since I just started training a new guy, who’s surprisingly promising for our department (early Chritmas gift? I sure hope so).

So Christmas lunch… One of my co-workers is a fairy baker, and preparing sweet treats for our team. Which led me to think that I could also bring a little something for the gang.

I looked at my lemons, and thought lemonade would be nice. So I asked my Google friend for the best lemonade recipe that respected my pantry limitations. With less than 24 hours to go, I didn’t have time to run to the grocery store.

I pressed the lemons, and made a sugar sirup. And before I knew it, I had two and a half liters of homemade lemonade to share.

Chéri had a taste of it and approved my mixture.

We’ll see if my co-workers think alike.

I sure hope so. Otherwise, I’ll send a note to Life not to send me anymore unexcpected lemon deals in the future.

Knocking on wood.

At least, they’ll have the free meal. LOL


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