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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you think that completely platonic friendship is possible between a man and a woman?



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17 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I have found that in most of my friendships with men….either they surprised the life out of me by making a move that I was not expecting and did not want….or I developed feelings for them and then tortured myself over whether to risk the friendship by telling them how I felt.

    I have male friends…but I tend to keep a healthy distance now…and not let myself get too close so that one of us ends up misreading the situation. It does all seem easier now I am wearing an engagement ring.


  2. Definitely possible, but, at least when the man and woman are both heterosexual, it may be rarer than when either or both are attracted to the same sex. As for myself personally, I have set clear boundaries with respect to my contact with men other than my husband, which in my case means I am very unlikely to ever develop a friendship with a man.


  3. It is. I have several male friends but only one has ever tried to take advantage of the friendship. After I spelled out the rules he apologized and never tested the friendship again. I think my outward demeanor lets the guys know where they stand.


  4. Oh yes. I’ve had better and more dependable women friends in work.
    We should not forget those Asexual folk who form firm friendships and then get married, firstly for the companionship and secondly to stop the social pressure which suggests sexual relationships are compulsory.


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