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Peculiar visit… (Part 4)



You can read part 1, part 2 and part 3 here.


Sipping on the fine Pinot Noir, Christian noticed that his guest suddenly seemed nervous.

Or maybe she had been all along, explaining in parts the very uneasying clumsy joke. He had been tempted to ask her to leave… After all, he hadn’t asked for this weird meeting. But the long series of text messages they had exchanged over the past couple of weeks was still haunting him.

Laura kept quiet for a while, and he awaited patiently, enjoying the warm reflexions from the flames on her flawless skin. She wasn’t showing too much of it, but she had chosen wisely. Her long woolen skirt didn’t reveal anything but her feet, but her top was tied around her neck, leaving her sexy shoulders bare for his his very pleasure.

To give her a little time to think, and to revive the flames, Christian stood up and walked to the fireplace. He picked a log and threw it into the ambers. Looking over his shoulder, Laura was still curled up in the corner of the sofa, preparing her answer…

Patting his back pocket, he picked up his cell phone and scrolled to find their ongoing conversation. In an effort to dissipate the uneasiness, he typed and sent;

Sorry for reacting so coldly. You seem like a lovely lady, really. Do you want to continue this conversation here, or do we try the real thing again? I’d love that…

He pressed ”send” waiting for her reaction.



To be continued…

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