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Peculiar visit…



This had to be the stupidest thing he had done in years.

At least, he hadn’t told a soul about it, despite his natural need to share everything that happened with his friends…  If they had known about this, he would have been mocked for weeks, maybe months.

Walking around his downtown apartment, he checked every room for the Xth time, making sure that everything was where it needed to be. He wished he could just turn on the tv, and sit still. For all he knew, she might never show up, anyway. But he couldn’t, and he rearranged the cushions on the couch once more.

When she had first contacted him, saying that he was intrigued was an understatement. It sure wasn’t the first time a woman had expressed some interest into meeting with him, through his social media accounts.

He wouldn’t have called himself a ”star”, but he was a public figure, and though no one recognized him when he travelled outside the country, when home, he was used to the discreet finger pointing, and the occasional ”I like what you do” small talk.

And fame, even on a humble scale, came with a number of fans. Some blunter than others, and he had always managed to keep the weirdos at a safe distance.

Ten past nine… That was more than fashionably late. She was probably just joking, just as he had expected. He considered opening the wine bottle he had prepared for their meeting, and pouring himself a nice glass… For some reason, he hesitated.

What puzzled him, was that somehow, she had found his cell phone number.

Her sudden knock on the front door sounded like a stray cat asking to be let in. He considered not answering… For all he knew, she might not even be a woman. But then again, what if his luck had turned?

She knocked again, and he wished he had a peeping hole to see who was standing on the other side of the door.

Gathering all the courage he had, he turned the handle.

The sight awaiting him, on the other side of the door just stunned him.

Hello Christian…

He was flabbergasted. Period.

To be continued…

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